IT’S ALL OVER: Hack Stephen Colbert Is Officially Done

Late night television host Stephen Colbert launched a vile attack on Christianity this week that offended Americans all over the country.

Liberals lose their minds when any religion is criticized in any way, except for Christianity, of course, which seems to be fair game for any kind of attack these days.

Conservative Tribune reported that while interviewing Oprah Winfrey on his show, Colbert went for a cheap, blasphemous gag by staging a “cameo” by God Himself who urged Winfrey to make a run for the presidency. The joke fell completely flat, as it made a mockery of God and those who believe in him.

“Oprah, Stephen, what’s up? Hey!” said a voiceover from the God character.

“I’m sorry about this, Oprah. I apologize. God stops by every once in a while,” Colbert explained to Winfrey as she laughed. “Can I help you, Lord? I’m kind of the in middle of talking to somebody important.”

In arguably the most offensive line of the skit, God then tells Winfrey that he’s a huge fan of hers and acts excited that she even knows who he is.

“I hear thou seeketh a sign? Well, is this clear enough?” asked “God.”

“Well, all I can say, God, is that ‘run’ is now a part of my exercise routine,” she replied.

“Oprah 2020! Yes she can!” the animated diety said.

Twitter users immediately let Colbert know that he had gone too far:

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