Well, Well, Look Who’s Emerging as a Dark Horse for Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced on April 11 that he will not be seeking reelection in November and the news has unleashed a flurry of speculation as to who will assume the mantle.

One promising candidate would be Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. A brilliant member of the House Freedom Caucus, Jordan would be a great pick to lead the House Republicans and would undoubtedly help align the House with the agenda of the President.

In public, Jordan has dodged saying whether he was seeking the Speaker chair.

“What’s important is not who the next speaker is, but what the next speaker does,” Jordan told the Daily Caller. “It’s time to start delivering on what we told the American people we would do.”

Jordan has said that is paramount for Republicans to focus on maintaining their House majority and electing a Speaker who will direct the House to deliver on the promises Representatives made to voters.

A conservative strategist, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Caller:

“Jordan has always been kind of the conservative movements horse. The idea behind people pushing Jim Jordan is bigger than just him, per se. It is about requiring a complete reform in how the House operates.

This is not peculiar to Paul Ryan and even John Boehner before him. They aren’t seeing results and process that is reflective of the promises that were made when they took over.”

The strategist says that even if Jordan does not run, the Freedom Caucus, made up of 30 House conservatives, is a powerful faction that knows how to lead.


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