Trump’s ICE Chief Unveiled New Plan to Deport Illegals — Liberals GASPED IN SHOCK When They Heard It…

Attention Hasbro or Mattel! If you are looking for ideas for a new action hero figure for production, may I suggest the Director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, Tom Homan.

This guy is awesome.

Advocates for sanctuary locales (or is the Left insisting we now call them ‘safe spaces for future Democrat voters’?) have been proudly thumping their chests about their unlawful enforcement of legal quarantine zones for criminal aliens, thinking that they had outmaneuvered ICE and President Trump.

As Breitbart relates, however, their celebration was premature to say the least.

“A new directive released this week by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials,” writes Breitbart, “calls for targeting criminal aliens in courthouses anywhere in the U.S. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan signed the order on January 10.”

Director Homan has long complained that by preventing law enforcement officials from picking up arrested illegals held in jails, sanctuary locations are endangering the lives of his officers who would have to root the feral foreigners out of neighborhoods. Using the Golden State as an example, Homan is quoted as telling reporters:

“The State of California wants to put politics ahead of public safety. What they’ve done is force my officers to arrest dangerous criminals on their turf — in their homes and their place of business — rather than arresting them in the safety and security of a county jail.”

The new directive is a brilliant bypass around the lawlessness of liberalism.

While a California district attorney has said they will not comply with the directive, California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauyey called the rule a “good start”.

“It’s essential that we protect the integrity of our state court justice system and protect the people who use it,” said the judge.

The directive orders ICE agents to only target specific illegals, those being ones that pose a threat to public safety. It says in part:

“Aliens encountered during a civil immigration enforcement action inside a courthouse, such as family members or friends accompanying the target alien to court appearances or serving as a witness in a proceeding, will not be subject to civil immigration enforcement action, absent special circumstances, such as where the individual poses a threat to public safety or interferes with ICE’s enforcement actions.”

And THAT is how you deal with looney liberals!

What do you think? Does the new ICE directive deliver a great counter-blow to sanctuary location advocates?

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