The Immigration Fight Heats Up In California — This Could Get Interesting…

Battle lines are being drawn in the evolving siege of California by the U.S. Justice Department over sanctuaries in the Golden State as they relate to the U.S. Constitution’s ‘supremacy clause’.

Article Six, Clause two of the Constitution makes our founding document the supreme law of the land, with federal and state laws having to comply with the strictures inscribed on it by our Fore Fathers.

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions traveled to Sacramento to remind law enforcement officials of this fact, announce a law suit against California and also to warn the Golden State that its actions were endangering men and women in uniform, citizens and the all-important largesse of federal grant money.

Sessions made clear how the Trump administration is growing frustrated with the Golden State’s recalcitrance. Late last month Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf went public with an alarmist screed over planned raids headed up by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Her aiding and abetting of criminals dropped what could have been over a thousand arrests, down to 230.

ICE has had to resort to raids because California’s Governor Jerry Brown declared the entire state a sanctuary and instructed police and prisons to not cooperate with federal law enforcement officials in releasing information on immigrants.

This fact makes Brown’s statement that sanctuary laws were not obstructionist an outright lie. Brown told journalists that “nothing stops the federal government from coming to a jail. The release records are public. There’s nothing stopping the sheriff [from] working with ICE.”

Roll Call quoted David Leopold, a former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, as saying, “For the Trump administration to task its ICE officers to go out into these places for political reasons is really appalling. It doesn’t do anything to make the borders more secure or keep felons off the street.”

Sessions used his appearance in Sacramento to respond by saying, “So California, absolutely, it appears to me is using every power it has, every powers it doesn’t have to frustrate federal law enforcement.”

The Attorney General promised that he would use “every power I have to stop that” and that the Department of Justice and the Trump administration would push back against what he described as “unjust, unfair and unconstitutional policies.”

California has made the first move by attempting to switch the venue of the lawsuit file by Sessions against the state. Breitbart writes that California “plans to file a motion to have the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against three ‘sanctuary state’ laws moved from Sacramento, where it was originally filed, to a court in San Francisco.”

California’s State Attorney General is pushing for the change and has stated that since a similar case is pending before San Francisco Judge William Orrick III, an Obama-appointee, that Sessions’ suit should be transferred there.

What do you think? Is California setting a bad trend in abiding by federal law?

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