Oakland Cafe Refuses to Serve Police Officers, The Community Responds…

It goes without saying that at the first sign of trouble, the employee-owners of this cafe will have no problem with calling the police and demanding that they be there immediately to help them, but for now, cops are not welcomed at their place.

Here’s the story from Fox News:

A California coffee shop is under fire for refusing to serve uniformed law enforcement officers, claiming it’s to protect the “physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves.”

Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee-owned business that opened just a few months ago in Oakland, recently announced it will not serve officers in uniform.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when an Oakland police sergeant wanted to introduce himself to the owners and get a cup of coffee. However, he was denied service, KTVU reported.

In a letter to the Oakland police union after the incident, the coffee shop said “it does not serve the police.”

Hasta Muerta Coffee, which is Spanish for “until death,” explained the situation in a social media post last month – which sparked widespread criticism online.

“We have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves,” the post read.

The lengthy post continued: “OPD’s [Oakland Police Department’s] recent attempts to enlist officers of color and its short term touting of fewer officer involved shootings does not reverse or mend its history of corruption, mismanagement, and scandal, nor a legacy of blatant repression.

The facts are that poc [people of color], women, and queer police are complicit in upholding the same law and order that routinely criminalizes and terrorizes black and brown and poor folks, especially youth, trans, and houseless folks.

For these reasons and so many more, we need the support of the actual community to keep this place safe, not police.”

As the gentleman in clip below can attest, however, not everyone in the neighborhood wants to shoo the police away.

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