Judge Napolitano Has an Urgent Message for the President

Thank God that Trump listens to people outside of the RINO beltway from time to time for advice on policy matters. He frequently meets with Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, and you know that Judge Napolitano has his ear, too. That’s why it encouraging to hear this from the Judge’s mouth.

Things between Congress and the Department of Justice are getting ‘very serious’, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano.

The Daily Caller reports that the Judge told hosts of “Fox & Friends” on April 12 that the tension building up between the two parties over access to documents pertaining to what motivated the DOJ and FBI to launch an investigation of the 2016 Trump transition team.

On April 10, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Ca) warned FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that they faced imminent contempt of Congress charges and possible impeachment for obstructing the House committee’s investigation of Justice Department political corruption. That got Wray to allow Nunes, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and other committee members to see relevant FBI memos and documents.

Napolitano told the Fox hosts, “This is getting very serious. This conflict between a Republican Congress and a Republican managed Department of Justice and — the president of the United States should pick up that telephone and resolve this.”

The Fox News legal analyst added, “The last time we had a dispute like this it was over Fast and Furious and a Republican House of Representatives held a Democratic Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. What happened as a result of contempt? Nothing. They didn’t even get the documents. Because they don’t pursue these things.”

For this reason, says Napolitano, the President needs to referee the spar before things turn irreparably sour.

The Judge is 100% correct! It’s time that we demanded that our Republican members of Congress start getting results!

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