Hillary Aide’s Stunning Admission About Trump: “He May Win Again…”

Democrats still don’t get what happened in 2016. They are so full of hatred that they’re beloved Hillary lost (Will they ever forgive us?), that they failed to learn the lessons of the campaign.

Trump didn’t win because of his brashness, his celebrity, or his billions of dollars, he won because he and his message resonated with the American people. This great emotional connection was on display again over the weekend in Pennsylvania where Trump rallied for Republican candidate Rick Saccone.

Guests on Jesse Watters show reacted to the rally. One of them was Hillary adviser Phillip Reines.

More from Mediaite:

Reines first noted that he didn’t enjoy the speech — which was very reminiscent of Trump’s 2016 campaign speeches — as much as fellow panelist David Bossie (a former Trump staffer.)

“I thought boy, does Donald Trump know how to keep an audience in the palm of his hands,” Reines noted. It actually is remarkable to watch.”

“I understand why that man won in 2016,” Reines added. “And I understand, though I’m not terrified, but I understand why he may win again in 2020.”

Reines, who was a senior adviser to Clinton at the State Department and advised her 2016 campaign, famously stood-in for Trump for her debate preparations.