GOP Rep Pulls Back The Curtain on Rampant Corruption in Congress…

A Republican congressman is calling out his fellow GOP lawmakers and Congress as a whole as being committed to keeping the swamp from being drained.

The Economic Collapse writes that Representative Ken Buck (R-Co) and co-author Bill Blankschaen have written a book called ‘Drain the Swamp: How Washington is Worse Than You Think’ in which the two men highlight a culture of corrupt self-preservation permeating Capitol Hill.

The general theme of the book centers on the political “pay-to-play” culture in Congress. It is a clever way of keeping true reformers from having any real impacts on the legislative agenda.

In the book, Buck and Blankschaen write:

“Here’s how it works for Republicans. If you want to serve on a committee, you have to raise money for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). The amount varies depending on the committee and role.

For example, to serve on a B or C level committee, a GOP House freshman member must raise $220,000 every two years … Veteran members on A committees must raise more than twice that amount – $450,000 … If you become the chair of a B committee – congratulations – you’re now expected to raise $875,000 a year for the NRCC. Chairing an A committee means you must raise $1.2 million.”

This level of cash requires Congressmen to spend four hours a day on the phone with donors! It is nothing less than the short circuiting of representative republicanism and leaves the aftertaste of plutocracy in one’s mouth.

The authors write that someone could opt out of such a shakedown, but there are serious hazards with that.

“And what if you, as a Member of Congress, decide not to play along? For starters, you won’t be able to use the NRCC call suites that are conveniently located two blocks from the House office buildings, and the leadership will put out the word to the K Street lobbying community that they are not to donate or raise funds for you if they wish to stay in the leadership’s good graces.

If you’re particularly rebellious, you’ll be stripped of your committee assignments, and maybe even be challenged in a primary by a leadership-backed candidate.”

This is the infamous ‘Establishment’ at work. When considering how embedded it is, the miracle of a Trump election win is that much more impressive and requires much more effort to keep it alive.

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