12 Nuns Stand in Formation in Gymnasium — What Happened Next Left the Audience in STITCHES [Video]

When you think of nuns, you probably think of very disciplined, rigid ladies wearing religious habits and leading a very pious life. In fact, that seems to be the impression of the Sisters that most of the audience had before these ladies took the stage, but then the music started…

What happened next had the audience howling in laughter and the Nuns gathering an instant following.


The nuns choreographed their very own zumba routine! In a stunning rework of traditional hymns, they created a catchy song that they couldn’t wait to tap their feet to. They started out slow, but they had a big surprise in store for the audience. Their outstanding performance will leave you smiling for the rest of your day.

At the beginning of the song, the sisters made subtle movements, slowly shuffling their bodies to match the music. As the notes picked up, however, their bodies broke out of their stiffness and began to flow with the rhythm. The performance seemed peaceful and serene – until about halfway through.

Suddenly, these sisters came to life. The beat kicked in and their feet started tapping. They excitedly jumped back and forth to the repetitious chant “I love Him!” with big smiles on their faces.

The song was really kicked into second gear now. The sisters fully extended their arms, creating a magnificent effect with each sweeping motion. They audience was hypnotized as the nuns shuffled and shimmied to the song.

The best part of the whole performance was the energy the nuns carried as they grooved to the rhythm. Since they were all varied in age, it was even more wonderful to see them all come together and bring their full energies to the dance floor.

In a day and age where we’re constantly inundated with bad news it’s great to see these ladies letting loose and breaking through stereotypes.

Here’s the video of their performance so you can watch it for yourself!

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